My ‘Make in India’ Dream

April 4, 2017

*Anirudh is pursuing mechanical engineering at Shiv Nadar University

When you look at a car, you’ll see the brand, the colour, the speed, I see it’s heart and soul and wonder how to make it in India. Even as a child I was enamoured by machines, I would visit my relatives’ workshops and look at the machines there and dream about making my own car. This dream came true at Shiv Nadar University when my team and I created an all-terrain vehicle - The Beast. The first time I drove it, I realized how it wasn’t just a chassis on four wheels but something more, a lot more than that. Apart from that, I am working on an innovative idea that I plan to get patented. I also have two registered start-ups, one on automobiles and the other on tutoring e-marketplace. This idea will be the first product of my start-up, I hope that it will help build my company into an automobile manufacturing firm. If everything goes well, you will one day be riding in a vehicle made by my company.

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