The economics of change

April 4, 2017

*Shafin is pursuing Economics honors from Shiv Nadar University

Our country has some great policies but very poor execution, I believe youngsters like me can change that. I grew up in Kashmir under intense security and control. The law and order and weather conditions were often very harsh, which resulted in food shortages and a surge in food prices. People would regularly stock up on food in their homes, without realising that this would impact food availability for the needy. While others saw transactions and tension, I saw economics. To me it was simply a matter of demand and supply and poor execution of policies. Economics has taught me a sense of why people behave a certain way, or why some items are always more expensive than others. At Shiv Nadar University I am pursuing a graduation in Economics and every day I feel I am getting closer to understanding government policies and their limitations. In the future I will be pursuing a doctorate in Economics with a focus in public policy. I hope to find a more efficient way to implement such policies. I want to work closely with the state and central government that draft such policies - this would be my contribution towards my state and country.

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