SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.9: "Rising above criticism''



Success and criticism are often seen as two sides of the same coin. Every artist, leader, businessman, and even professional individual faces criticism for their work at some point in their career. While some take it positively and see criticism as pointers for improvement, others take every negative feedback to the heart which causes a dent in their morale. ​


In this video of Spark360, we bring you two distinctly renowned personalities who have achieved great success and received sharp criticism for their work. Watch Mr. Deepinder Goyal, Founder of Zomato, and Mrs. Shubha Mudgal, a renowned Indian singer shares their take on criticism and talk about how they manage it. With the help of their tips, you can learn how to handle criticism with grace and become better at what you do.


A crucial exercise in managing criticism is identifying whose feedback is valuable to you. Mr. Deepinder talks about this in the video. He says you must learn to focus on the criticism that comes from your stakeholders. And let go of the comments and backlash from people who barely matter to you. Mrs. Subha Mudgal emphasizes on having a positive approach and turning each criticism into your stride. She says that as an artist you must focus and creating something new and keep innovating without the fear of being criticized.

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With #Spark360 we bring you a series of curated videos from SNF Conversations that share pearls of wisdom by renowned entrepreneurs, artists, business leaders, and more. We aim to motivate young professionals and help them navigate through challenges at the workplace and in life through these videos. So, get ready to learn, discover, and be inspired. Watch now


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