India’s Children Are Still Deprived of Quality Education

February 17, 2023 Arun Prakash

It is critical to motivate people now, more than ever, and raise awareness of the long-term benefits and importance of having a good education. To broaden the viewpoints of a child and strengthen their learning curve for a brighter future, especially during the formative years, extensive learning is important.

Education helps cultivate self-development abilities, tap one’s inner potential, polish identities, and contribute to attaining life goals. Children's education in India must not be overlooked as it can help provide them with the tools and resources to deal with the challenges of society and volatile environments that they would face unavoidably.

Life is difficult and overwhelming for many children from at-risk communities in India. Enrollment and attendance rates for students in schools continue to diminish as they are denied of their fundamental right to attend a regular school and get a good education for a variety of reasons, and poverty is one of them. Instead of sending their children to school to gain knowledge that will have a long-lasting impact, many parents prefer to send them to work for daily pay. Many children can be seen begging at traffic signals, working as househelp or nannies, assisting the vegetable vendors, or even rinsing utensils at roadside restaurants. There are 33 million working children in India between 0 and 18 years old (Census 2011).

All children have the fundamental right to education, but millions of them are never enrolled in a school or are dropped out for varied reasons, especially in families where the parents are illiterate themselves, and are facing an acute shortage of resources daily. The probability of those children working at reputable organizations and pursuing their dreams is minimal, and they often never get a chance to grow and prosper.

The Shiv Nadar Foundation, established in 1994, is a focused philanthropic endeavor that creates equitable opportunities for education and leadership. Through high-quality education, SNF aims for high-impact philanthropy that creates long-term impact for a deeper socio-economic transformation. SNF runs varied and effective programs, including the SSN Institutions, VidyaGyan, ​Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (deemed to be a university), Delhi-NCR, Shiv Nadar University Chennai, Shiv Nadar School, and the SHIKSHA initiative. With quality education at heart, these programs uplift and empower students from across the country and help nurture their potential.

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