Shiksha Initiative - Overview

October 30, 2017
Shiksha Initiative is a technology-driven literacy and enhanced learning program. It focuses on primary education (grades 1-5) and is being piloted in rural Uttar Pradesh as a mass intervention initiative. Shiksha Initiative attempts to address the challenges of existing educational practices by introducing interactive content, regular teacher training, and cycle of assessments, making the process of learning more interesting, fun and effective. Shiksha Initiative utilizes a technology-based mode of dissemination of content, aiming to ensure that 90% of students under the program retain 90% of the content taught in classrooms. Shiksha Initiative, when fully operational, will have the potential to eliminate children and adult illiteracy with its replicable, scalable and measurable outcome based model of education. Shiksha Initiative covered 40 schools in rural Uttar Pradesh in 2014 -15 and aims to cover 1000 schools next year.

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