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A Girl Can Dream

January 5, 2017 snfblog

Saloni is from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. She joined VidyaGyan, an institution of Shiv Nadar Foundation, in 2010.

While going through some old things at home I found a number of my mother’s hidden paintings from years ago. Upon finding them I was not surprised by how good they were or how talented she was, but for the first time I understood the source of my artistic inclination. My nani then told me about how my mother wanted to pursue arts and become a professor but instead she was married off right after she graduated from school. Despite my love for sketching and drawing, everyone coerced me to become an IAS officer so I too adopted this dream and made it my own. However, now I am sure I will pursue fashion design to follow my dreams and make my mother proud. I want to use that knowledge to open a small apparel unit in my village to employ young girls like me and make them believe that their capabilities are limitless and can do anything they set their minds to.

*VidyaGyan is a Leadership Academy, designed for the economically underprivileged, meritorious students of rural India. Established in 2009, VidyaGyan envisions bridging the urban-rural divide by creating leaders from India’s rural hinterland who can act as catalysts of change for their communities, villages, and the nation. To know more, visit


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