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One Moment & One Woman Changed My Life

January 5, 2017 snfblog

Urvashi is from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She joined VidyaGyan, an institution of Shiv Nadar Foundation, in 2010.

Sometimes we experience life changing moments without even knowing they are taking place. For me, that moment occurred in my small village with an old lady who lived in my neighbourhood. I had remembered her from my youth but she had aged considerably, and after her husband’s passing there was nobody to take care of her. One evening she fell severely ill and was in unbearable pain but there was no medical assistance in our village besides a small government dispensary that was not well equipped. We were completely helpless and unfortunately while we were trying to get her to the city, she didn’t make it and died right in front of us. That incident scarred me and left me with a strange void. I began to notice more people in my village in need of medical attention that was not being provided due to a lack of resources. That day something inside me clicked, and in my heart I knew I had to become a doctor. After getting into VidyaGyan I became even more committed to my dream. With hard work and determination, I hope to open a fully equipped hospital in my village so everybody can get the medical attention they deserve.

*VidyaGyan is a Leadership Academy, designed for the economically underprivileged, meritorious students of rural India. Established in 2009, VidyaGyan envisions bridging the urban-rural divide by creating leaders from India’s rural hinterland who can act as catalysts of change for their communities, villages, and the nation. To know more, visit


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