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If Not Us Then Who? If Not Now Then When?

January 5, 2017 snfblog

Arun is from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. He joined VidyaGyan, an institution of Shiv Nadar Foundation, in 2010.

As a young boy I overheard a conversation that I have never been able to forget. My uncle and his friend were talking about how everyone wants a Bhagat Singh in the country but not one in their house. Although I was too young to fully understand this at the time; it had a powerful impact on my life and always drove me to try to inspire change. In my effort to take initiative, my friends and I adopted a primary school close by. We began teaching the students in the manner we were taught at VidyaGyan and saw phenomenal results. In addition, we spoke to the local authorities to ensure they always get electricity and internet. These may be small steps but they lay the foundation for a bigger and brighter future. All of us may not be revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, but that doesn’t have to stop us in trying to do what we can for our community and bring about the change we wish to see. After all if we don’t do it, who will?

*VidyaGyan is a Leadership Academy, designed for the economically underprivileged, meritorious students of rural India. Established in 2009, VidyaGyan envisions bridging the urban-rural divide by creating leaders from India’s rural hinterland who can act as catalysts of change for their communities, villages, and the nation. To know more, visit


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