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Never give up on your passion

April 4, 2017 snfblog

*Anmol is pursuing engineering at Shiv Nadar University

I’ve never understood why sports have to take a backseat in our country, why can’t sports and education go hand in hand. My journey with sports, especially tennis, has really developed my life’s narrative. The most important thing it’s taught me is to deal with failure. I remember days where I practiced day and night and still did not achieve what I wanted, I lost a lot of matches. But each failure taught me something about myself. Sports taught me to be competitive but still stick to my ethics and be fair at the same time. It taught me motivation, discipline and perseverance. That’s why it surprises me that sports is not given the importance it deserves. Sports can teach you a great deal and helps you excel in both your professional and personal lives. I will pursue a masters in management soon but I will never give up on sports – it makes me who I am. I hope to align my education and passion for sports into a business model, which will help me bring about a societal change.


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