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Taking on water crisis, farmer’s son ends dry run in village

February 7, 2018 snfblog

Anshuman is a student of VidyaGyan, Sitapur. He hails from eastern UP and his village is located in one of the worst drought-hit areas of the State. In 2013, he initiated a movement in his village and with the help of his father, created a self-managed water reservoir to harvest rain-water during the monsoons. His entire village initially opposed the idea, calling it a waste of resources, but he and his father persisted and tried to address the issue themselves. Today, because of that initiative, the entire village is able to get sufficient water, even during the peak summer months when the surrounding regions dry up, without having to dig deeper into the ground every year as they did earlier.

This stands tall as a testament to prove the effectiveness of the Shiv Nadar Foundation way of education, which lays emphasis on hands-on learning along with theoretical knowledge.

Read more on what Hindustan Times has to say about this feat in the coverage below.

Taking on water crisis, farmer's son ends dry run in village


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