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Science is fun; and It can change the world

February 7, 2018 snfblog

Science is fun; and It can change the world

At the various institutions that are a part of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, we have always tried to instill the idea of a scientific education into our students as fun and entertaining. The students learn to apply the concepts taught to them in class to the real world.

VidyaGyan, one of our schools in Bulandshahr, has also adopted the same approach of teaching science as an exciting and fun activity. The school understands that the basics are the most important part of any scientific theory; and since the earliest of ages, students learn to experiment and play with science through the annual Science Exhibition. Young minds from grades VII onwards participate in the annual science exhibition held on National Technology Day. It aims at implanting the intentions of maximum participation from the students by providing them with a platform that showcases their understanding of science and technology in their own creative way. The students portray their talents through various models like the elephant toothpaste, hydrolysis of water, inertia and water fountain. This also helps the students test, question and explore their knowledge by putting their theoretical education into a working model. Working as a team on these projects helps the students attain teamwork and leadership skills and seeing the actual solutions come to life helps motivate them even further.

We believe that as proud citizens of our country, it is our duty to constantly work towards making its future better. With all the new discoveries and the advancements in technologies, we are determined to give our students access to the best resources for the betterment of their own future as well as the public. This was exhibited by the students of VidyaGyan during their trip to the Agastya Foundation. The aim of providing the students with STEM – integrated education is to give them resources to help create a better society. Which is what the students portrayed at the Agastya Foundation Fair where the Smokeless Chulha and the Three Pitcher Filter made by the students were given to people in nearby villages. These were imagined and invented by the students to help better the healthcare and environmental surroundings of people in nearby villages, who would otherwise not be able to help themselves.

The adoption of STEM into our mainstream curriculum has truly transformed education at our various institutions. The students have shown colossal interest in technology and science. The multiple trips and workshops attended by the students, even resulted in them developing their own Science Activity Centre on the VidyaGyan school premises. From little to no help from the teachers, all the models displayed at the Centre have been created solely by the students. Some of these models include floating balls, three pitcher water filter, smokeless chulha, periscope, sundial, the persistence of vision, natural AC building design, bottle bulb and many others. Through this initiative, we see that our students are not only interested in STEM-based education, they are motivated and inspired to innovate and create solutions that will add to the progress of our society.

Shiv Nadar Foundation has always aimed towards a goal of transforming education in India; and we believe that the embracing of STEM education has only proved to be a huge step in the right direction. It not only creates holistic, well-rounded and socially aware individuals, but also gives students the tools to tackle real-life problems through innovation and creativity.


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