SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.8: "Embrace to be Content''



For most people, seeking a certain level of happiness in life is an important goal in life. Dreams and ambitions are important, but we must ensure that we are not acquiring more resources than required. We must familiarize ourselves with the feeling of being content.​ 


In this #Spark360 video, we bring you words of wisdom from an artist whose success hasn’t swayed him from his path of awareness and consciousness. Watch renowned Indian Classical Musician - Ustad Shujaat Khan share stories of his life and deep dives into the idea of feeling content, identifying all the different kinds of emotions instead of hiding them away. ​He believes that people today have surrounded themselves with distractions. While it makes them happy and keeps them entertained, these distractions make them unable to feel other emotions like sadness, anguish, and loss.


He believes that is it important to feel every emotion to live a wholesome life. ​He also talks about being careful about wastage at every level. Talking about his values, he adds, “if you don’t need something, don’t take it on your plate.”

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