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SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Dream, Calling & Passion: Ep20 – ”Getting over your

February 19, 2021 snfblog

Do you want to follow your dream but are afraid of the uncertainty it entails? Then this video is for you. Catch the World Champion of Public Speaking 2014, Toastmasters International, Mr. Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, as he talks about how you can get over your fears and find avenues to monetise your passion.

In this #Spark360 video, he shares the two most important things that he has learned as a public speaker: 1) All people are the same; they have the same dreams, the same fears. 2) Fear is the foundation of performance.

He says that instead of focusing on getting rid of your fears, you must learn how to use them to become a better version of yourself. He further adds that with consistency and smart work you can find many avenues that will allow you to convert your passion into a source of revenue. To learn more about overcoming fears and monetising your passion, watch this video now.

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With #Spark360 we bring you a series of curated videos from SNF Conversations that share pearls of wisdom by renowned entrepreneurs, artists, business leaders, and more. We aim to motivate young professionals and help them navigate through challenges at the workplace and in life through these videos. So, get ready to learn, discover, and be inspired. Watch now


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