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SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Dream, Calling & Passion: Ep 21 – ”Following your

February 19, 2021 snfblog

We have many dreams, especially when we are young. These dreams usually revolve around a career or success in a sport, profession, art, or being a performer. However, whether we attain any of our dreams depends on many factors. Consistency is one of them. This #Spark360 video sheds light on how to turn impossible dreams into reality with two celebrities who pursued their dreams consistently and achieved great success – Mr. Shantanu Moitra, music director and composer, and Mr. Adil Hussain, National Award-winning actor.

In this video, Mr. Shantanu Moitra reminisces an incident from the past and advises young professionals to keep dreaming. No matter how impossible or crazy a dream may seem, he says, one mustn’t give up. Because, with persistence and hard work, all dreams come true. Mr. Adil Hussain, on the other hand, advises parents and mentors to be extremely patient when it comes to helping their children identify their true calling. He further cautions young professionals against getting cast in a role that isn’t meant for them. To find out how you can follow your dreams and find your inner calling, watch this video.

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