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SNF Conversations – #Spark360 | Sustainability: Ep 25 – Can ‘Trophy Hunting’ be sustainable?

March 25, 2021 snfblog

While the world grapples with its ever increasing effects on the health of the planet, one aspect that has been a matter of concern for several years is hunting for sport. Many trophy hunters disregard the impact their actions can have on the entire eco-system. Some conservationists, working close to the issue believe that this issue needs more attention than it currently receives.

As film-makers and award-winning Wildlife Conservationists, Dereck and Beverly Joubert are Nat Geo explorers in-residence, living with one aim – to save the wild places of Africa, and to protect the creatures that depend on them. They have made over 25 films for National Geographic, published 11 books, half a dozen scientific papers, and have written many articles for the National Geographic Magazine.

Watch them weigh in on why trophy hunting has more adverse effects than one might think.

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