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SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 – Leadership | Ep 17: Building the leader in you

February 16, 2021 snfblog

Leadership is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Finding a way to motivate yourself and convey that mood to your team is not easy. But if you are self-motivated and willing to look beyond personal interests, you can cultivate great leadership skills. And this #Spark360 video can help you do that! Learn how to build the leader in you with the Chairman and Managing Director of Nestle India and one of the country’s most prominent business leaders – Mr. Suresh Narayanan. He quotes some of Kabir’s most profound dohas, to shed a light on the factors that determine your strengths as a business leader. According to Mr. Suresh Narayanan, only when you learn to subsume your ego, can you become a better leader.

He further adds that in order to see your business grow, you must be extremely patient, as he cautions young leaders about being short-sighted. Comparing an organisation to the patterns of nature, he says that you must let it grow at its own pace. He believes that most organisational failures are caused due to hasty leadership. Watch the video to enhance your leadership skills now.

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With #Spark360 we bring you a series of curated videos from SNF Conversations that share pearls of wisdom by renowned entrepreneurs, artists, business leaders, and more. We aim to motivate young professionals and help them navigate through challenges at the workplace and in life through these videos. So, get ready to learn, discover, and be inspired. Watch now


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