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SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Technology Today: Ep 22 – ”Impact of technology in India”

February 25, 2021 snfblog

Over the last few decades, technology has changed the way we live and conduct our businesses. The efforts of our government and business corporations have transformed our nation into a digitally empowered society. This has benefitted not just urban but also rural India. In this #Spark360 video, Country Head of SoftBank India and former Managing Director and CEO of Airtel – Mr. Manoj Kohli, along with the former CEO of Vodafone – Mr. Arun Sarin, talk about the progress made by India’s rural population with the help of technology.

Mr. Manoj Kohli shares the gratifying experience of visiting over 1000 Indian villages as a part of his rural initiative. He also reminisces a story from the past and talks about that overwhelming moment when he realised the positive impact created by his work on rural society. Mr. Arun Sarin shares his views on the future of telemedicine in India. He believes that this innovation is sure to bridge the gap between the rural and urban Indian population, giving them equal access to healthcare services. Watch this video to learn about the technological developments that have helped change the face of rural India.

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