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SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Technology Today: Ep 24 – ”Dealing with social media malice”

March 16, 2021 snfblog

In the age of internet trolls, a lot of people become silent victims of social media malice. Whether celebrities, politicians or regular citizens, everyone is targeted equally through online trolls. In some cases, it starts with a petty quarrel, but most of it is caused by irresponsible netizens trying to deliberately provoke others by posting offensive comments online. Over the years, we have created an environment where trash-talking each other and spewing hate speech has become just another day in the life of a netizen. But how can we put an end to this?

In this #Spark360 video, we discuss the ways of dealing with social media malice with the Founder and Creative Director of MissMalini, Malini Agarwal. She urges people to stop ignoring these attacks and start reporting them. Talking about cyberbullying, she says that it is our responsibility to help the victims of such acts. She also talks about ‘Ignore No More Online,’ an initiative aimed at putting an end to cyberbullying. Watch the entire video to find out how you can tackle derogatory social media behaviour.

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