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The choices you make determine who you are

March 1, 2017 snfblog

*Abhishek is a student of electrical engineering at Shiv Nadar Unversity

The one thing I’ve learnt in life is that it’s the choices that you make rather than your abilities that determine who you are. I come from a family of social workers, so very early on in life I learnt the incredible changes a single person can make. I have always been motivated to give back to society and understand communities better. When I was 14 I moved from Kharagpur – where I had grown up – to Vishakhpatnam where I didn’t know anyone. Initially I found it quite hard, but in the end it taught me a valuable lesson. I learnt the importance of differing opinions and learnt how to imbibe qualities from other people’s perspectives. In the future I hope to start a micro-finance company focusing on the rural artisans of Andhra Pradesh who do not have the collateral to approach big banks. This will help them continue their businesses. I believe youngsters like me are the future, and hence have a responsibility towards our country.


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