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SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.12: “Know where your company stands”

February 10, 2021 snfblog

There are numerous reasons why some startups succeed and why most fail. Even the most brilliant business ideas never see the light of the day. But do you ever wonder why despite the talent of the workforce and dedication of the founders, some businesses never take flight? The answer is simple; they weren’t in the right place at the right time. In this video of #Spark360, Mr. Nikhil Kamath and Mr. Nithin Kamath, founders of Zerodha, talk about the two most important things one must learn before starting up a new business.

They advise young entrepreneurs to patiently identify the market and pick the right industry to build their company in. They also talk about the importance of knowing when you step down. In the words of Nithin Kamath, “once you know that it isn’t working out, get out of it”. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, watch this video and learn how to consistently be in the right place at the right time.

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If you are already an entrepreneur or want to become one, watching these videos on how to build and sustain organizations will surely help you.

With #Spark360 we bring you a series of curated videos from SNF Conversations that share pearls of wisdom by renowned entrepreneurs, artists, business leaders, and more. We aim to motivate young professionals and help them navigate through challenges at the workplace and in life through these videos. So, get ready to learn, discover, and be inspired. Watch now


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