The Importance of Creating a Dynamic Educational Ecosystem

Quality education in India plays a pivotal role in shaping not only the lives of individual students but also the nation’s future.

Uplifting Communities through the SNF’s Dynamic Programs

The Shiv Nadar Foundation's programs embody the ideals of digital transformation in education and modern education in India.

The Shiv Nadar Foundation’s programs embody the ideals of digital transformation in education and modern education in India.

The Importance of Education For Students And To Drive National Growth

Education is a fundamental human right that plays a pivotal role in shaping individuals, communities, and nations. Its importance cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to supporting marginalized children.

The Shiv Nadar Foundation’s SNIoE Held A Photothon Contest To Encourage Artists

The Shiv Nadar Foundation serves as a catalyst for change, driving transformational initiatives that have a profound impact on children from marginalized communities and the nation as a whole.

Shiv Nadar Foundation is Leading the Way in Social Welfare and Advancing Society

The idea of creative philanthropy is profoundly ingrained in the guiding philosophy of the Shiv Nadar Foundation

Celebrating A Significant Breakthrough By Dr. Subabhrata Sen Of Shiv Nadar IoE

There are many charity foundations in India, but the Shiv Nadar Foundation stands out for its commitment to improving the world.

SNF’s VidyaGyan Initiative Recognized With The ‘Children’s Champion Award’

The Shiv Nadar Foundation and its initiatives, have been instrumental in providing digital transformation in education at an early age and empower numerous students across the nation.

The Foundation Post, Q1, 2018: Shiv Nadar Foundation’s newsletter

Shiv Nadar Foundation Continues To Set Distinguished Benchmarks

The reputed Shiv Nadar Foundation (SNF) was founded in 1994 and has since been bridging the socioeconomic divide by empowering people through the power of transformational education.

SNF’s SHIKSHA Initiative is Creating Lifelong Learners in India

In 1994, Mr. Shiv Nadar, the founder of HCL, a US$ 10 billion industry leader, established the Shiv Nadar Foundation.

The Shiv Nadar Foundation Participated in UNLEASH – an Innovation Lab

We’re proud to share that the HCL Group joined hands with UNLEASH for a year-long program to develop solutions for aquatic ecosystem conservation.

Shiv Nadar Universities Support Meritorious Students In India

In 1994, the Shiv Nadar Foundation was established. The Foundation is committed to closing the socioeconomic divide by promoting the growth of a more just and merit-based society and empowering individuals via transformational education.

Shiv Nadar Commemorated For Contribution In Tech And Philanthropy

The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), a bilateral non-profit, recently honored Shiv Nadar, HCL Founder, with a Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 for his contribution to the technology industry and philanthropy.

Shiv Nadar Foundation Annual Report 2021-22

Shiv Nadar Foundation Annual Report 2020-2021

SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Creativity and Innovation: Ep 30 | Change your approach to problems

Innovation and creativity are intertwined. An idea emerges as a tiny seed which with time develops into a massive network powered by everyone who helped give it a hand.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360 | Creativity and Innovation: Ep 29 | Process to be creative

It can be hard to come up with new ideas. They don’t hit you on the head like an apple. But fret not, here’s what you need to know to get your creative juices flowing. Celebrity chef Manish Mehrotra tells us there’s a process to genius.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360 | Sustainability: Ep 25 – Can ‘Trophy Hunting’ be sustainable?

While the world grapples with its ever increasing effects on the health of the planet, one aspect that has been a matter of concern for several years is hunting for sport.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Technology Today: Ep 24 – ”Dealing with social media malice”

In the age of internet trolls, a lot of people become silent victims of social media malice. Whether celebrities, politicians or regular citizens, everyone is targeted equally through online trolls. In some cases, it starts with a petty quarrel, but most of it is caused by irresponsible netizens trying to deliberately provoke others by posting offensive comments online.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360 | Sustainability: Ep 27 – Becoming environmentally conscious as a business

Becoming environmentally conscious doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a whole spectrum of efforts that one needs to put in for a company to achieve that revered status. While there might be endless terms floating about in the beauty industry – like Parabens Free, SLS free, no-animal testing, recyclable plastic and more, it takes a whole lot more to build a business that’s environmentally conscious.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360 | Sustainability: Ep 28 – How Purpose Drives Business Growth

For years, businesses have been exploiting the environment and the communities around them. In recent times, this trend has seen an immense shift towards the better, where businesses are starting to take responsibility of the communities that empower their growth.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Technology Today: Ep 23 – ”Is technology a threat to 

Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. Each day, new technological advancements are made that propel our economic and social growth.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Technology Today: Ep 22 – ”Impact of technology in India”

Over the last few decades, technology has changed the way we live and conduct our businesses. The efforts of our government and business corporations have transformed our nation into a digitally empowered society.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Dream, Calling & Passion: Ep 21 – ”Following your

We have many dreams, especially when we are young. These dreams usually revolve around a career or success in a sport, profession, art, or being a performer. However, whether we attain any of our dreams depends on many factors.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Dream, Calling & Passion: Ep20 – ”Getting over your

Do you want to follow your dream but are afraid of the uncertainty it entails? Then this video is for you. Catch the World Champion of Public Speaking 2014, Toastmasters International, Mr. Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, as he talks about how you can get over your fears and find avenues to monetise your passion.

SNF Conversations – #Spark360​ | Dream, Calling & Passion: Ep19 – ”Constant Discovery is the key”

Whether you have identified your core skills or you’re waiting to discover your calling, this video will surely help you out.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 – Leadership | Ep 16: Leadership Beyond Business

Many organisations often get typecast for the work they do or the services they provide. But it’s the leader’s role to stay dynamic and keep evolving the way their businesses function.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 – Leadership | Ep 17: Building the leader in you

Leadership is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Finding a way to motivate yourself and convey that mood to your team is not easy. But if you are self-motivated and willing to look beyond personal interests, you can cultivate great leadership skills.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 – Leadership | Ep 18: Are leaders born or made?

Are leaders born or are they made? This is a very important question for those who aspire to lead teams or companies.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 – Mastering A New Skill | Ep 13: Love what you do to be successful

If you ask a celebrated artist or a renowned leader what it takes to become successful, each one of them will have a different story to tell. But the one thing that all of them have in common is sheer love for their work and art.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 – Mastering A New Skill | Ep 14: Thriving careers have a strong foundation

Some conditions fuel creativity, some impede it. But what’s the one thing that drives people to create something new everyday? Find out the answer in this #Spark360 video where we bring you an award-winning Indian chef, Mr. Manish Mehrotra. The Executive Chef at Indian Accent, Mr. Manish Mehrotra’s journey in the culinary world has inspired many young chefs.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 – Mastering A New Skill | Ep 15: Become your own 

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a songwriter’s mind while penning down the most heartbreaking song or composing the biggest party song of the year? Do you want to find out what methods do successful artists use to compose a song? Then watch this #Spark360 video with prolific Indian Lyricist and Playback Singer, Mr. Swanand Kirkire.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.12: “Know where your company stands”

There are numerous reasons why some startups succeed and why most fail. Even the most brilliant business ideas never see the light of the day.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360  Ep.9 Rising above criticism

Success and criticism are often seen as two sides of the same coin. Every artist, leader, businessman, and even professional individual faces criticism for their work at some point in their career.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.10: “Resilience in the face of defeat”

Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ when encountering inevitable challenges in life. But it’s a skill that can be learned through practice. Whether at the workplace or in life, changes can be radical, and in the face of a crisis like an economic crash or a pandemic, only those who are resilient cope and thrive.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.11: “Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs”

Realising that you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur keeps you inspired to chase your dreams. In this video of #Spark360, we bring you tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur from India’s most promising young entrepreneurs – Mr. Deepinder Goyal, Founder of Zomato, Mr. Sahil Barua, CEO and Co-Founder of Delhivery, and Mrs. Anita Dongre, Founder of House of Anita Dongre. ​

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.8: “Embrace to be Content”

For most people, seeking a certain level of happiness in life is an important goal in life.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.1: “Leading a meaningful life”

The secret to leading a meaningful life lies in striking the right balance between work and personal life. It helps you lead a happy and contented life.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.2: “Overcoming Challenges”

It’s not a person’s degree or designation that matters while making an impression on his superiors or while getting hired for a job.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.4: “Handling crisis with brutal optimism”

What does it take to lead a team during a crisis? How do leaders stick to the course when they’re surrounded by uncertainties? How to be brutally honest with your team while keeping them assured at the same time? It takes years of hard work, management, and leadership to find out the answers to these questions.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.5: “Social Entrepreneurship”

Our journey towards social entrepreneurship begins by asking ourselves these questions: What do I want to do? How do I give back to my community? Social entrepreneurship provides a framework for businesses to sustain their own growth while also helping others.

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.6: “Role of a corporate leader in a global crisis”

Not all Robinhood wear capes. Some wear corporate suits too. In this #Spark360 video, we share with you a fine example of a business leader who never failed to go above and beyond for the welfare of his workforce. Learn what it takes to be a true leader from an optimistic entrepreneur, an FMCG pioneer, and India’s most promising leader, Mr. Suresh Narayanan, Chairman and Managing Director of Nestle India

SNF Conversations presents #Spark360 | Ep.7: “Seven Deadly Sins”

In his book, “Worship Sacrifice, Mahatma Gandhi developed a list of seven deadly sins of sacrificial worship.

H.E. Freddy Svane – Ambassador of Denmark to India

H.E. Freddy Svane – Ambassador of Denmark to India
In Conversation with Siddharth Mallavarapu, Professor and Head, Department of International Relations and Governance Studies, Shiv Nadar University

William Dalrymple – Award-winning Author and Historian

William Dalrymple – Award-winning Author and Historian
In conversation with Sadaf Khan, Group Manager, Corporate Communication at Shiv Nadar Foundation and HCL Corp

Fred Swaniker – Founder of the African Leadership Group

Fred Swaniker – Entrepreneur, Founder of the African Leadership Academy and the African Leadership University

Swanand Kirkire – Award winning Lyricist, Actor, Writer & Playback Singer

SWANAND KIRKIRE – Award winning Lyricist, Actor, Writer & Playback Singer
in Conversation with Vaibhav Budhraja, Head, Marketing, Shiv Nadar Schools

Manoj Kohli – Country Head of SoftBank

Manoj Kohli – Country Head of SoftBank India;
Former MD and CEO, Airtel

Shantanu Moitra – Music Director and Composer

Shantanu Moitra – Music Director and Composer
In Conversation with Manjima Chatterjee, Head, Arts programme – Shiv Nadar School, Noida
The spirit of exploration and discovery is strong in Shantanu Moitra.

Dereck and Beverly Joubert Award – Winning Wildlife Conservationists and Film-makers

Dereck and Beverly Joubert
Award-winning Wildlife Conservationists and Film-makers
In Conversation with Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Trustee, Shiv Nadar Foundation; CEO, HCL Corporation; Vice-Chairperson, HCL Technologies; Founder and Trustee, The Habitats Trust.